I havent slept like that for 30 years - 87 year old gentleman

Thanks for the mattress, we enjoyed the whole experience and would certainly recommend your services - J & J

Love the bed, we are in bed heaven! - J & M


 Why buy from us?

  • We are a New Zealand manufacturer
  • We make our products in Palmerston North
  • We know how beds are made, we make them every day.
  • We don't want to sell you a bed, we want to educate you about beds, and leave you to make a buying decision.
  • We only buy high quality products for our beds, pocket springs from Italy,  bonnell springs from BHP steel in Australia.
  • We only use high density foam: what does that do?  More foam, stronger foam, long lasting foam and therefore more comfort.
  • We use 100% wool underlays: That means warm in winter,  but keeps you cool in summer.
  • We only sell two sided mattresses. You can turn them over if you wish to.


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If every kiwi spent even $100 per week with a local manufacturer or local business, the  New Zealand  economy would be nearly $500,000,000 better off every week.

That's half a billion dollars a week going into our communities!

Support your local manufacturer and retailer. 


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