Spring Unit System

Bonnell (Standard Spring)

 By far the most common spring system world wide is the Bonnell, estimated to be about 80% of the world market. Tried and proven over many years our NZ Manufacturer offers a 10 year guarantee on the unit. Many manufacturers disguise the Bonnell type under other names to portray exclusivity, however we prefer to call them by their proper name. There are variations on the Bonnell system, how they are made will alter the feel. The Bonnell coil is hour glass shaped and the coil is knotted on each end. The coils are strung together by a spiral shaped wire called a helical wire. Variations include coil height, wire gauge, number of turns in the coil, waist size and coil diameter. The coil diameter determines the number of coils in the spring unit. All of these factors have to be built in balance to achieve the right amount of comfort and support.

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Pocket Springs

 Pocket Springs have been made for a number of years but more recently are very popular in NZ. We have used our current pocket spring for 20 years. We use high quality italian pocket springs. 
Their benefits primarily are that they virtually eliminate partner disturbance and that they very closely follow your body shape and contours. They are usually zoned with stronger springs in the center region and softer springs in each end so that you have more torso support but more give for the shoulders.
They are built by inserting each individual coil into a synthetic unwoven fabric pocket. There is no mechanical connection (ie helical wire) linking the springs together so, as a result, no transfer of movement from one part of the mattress to another. 









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