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Royal Sceptre King

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Detailed Description

  • Electronically heat tempered and multi-zoned pocketed spring, slow release body foam layered with premium grade polyurethane foams.
  • Suede ticking with tack and jump stitching to optimise soft fills.
  • Base support features the renowned Sigma grid torsion bar system for total uniform support.

Non flip no need to turn over, Euro pillow top type mattress practically eliminates partner disturbance.
For absolute sumptuous luxury the pocketed spring Royal Sceptre is the ultimate bed to sleep on. Utilising revolutionary new slow release body foam, the mattress subtly moulds to the shape of your body profile thus reducing pressure points to hips and shoulders. The added layers of snug multi-layered foams plus the soft touch suede fabrics provides ultimate comfort that has to be experienced.
The beautiful mattress is supported on a sigma grid base. The king knee action torsion bar system provides firm uniform support and prevents lateral sway. The Royal Sceptres combination of the finest of materials that can be incorporated into a bed makes the bed a delight to own.









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