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Royal Encore Single

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Detailed Description

  • Electronically heat tempered and zoned pocket spring unit (imported).
  • Premium grade imported Damask Ticketing.
  • 38mm high performance polyurethane foam comfort layers.
  • Polywool (wool/fibre mix) floating pillow tops both sides with cloud quilt design.
  • Solidly constructed base with Sigma grid torsion bar spring system, totally prevents ''roll together'' and ''partner disturbance''.

At the heart of the Royal Encore is the world renowned pocketed spring system for supreme comfort. Quite different to the traditional Bonnell spring and its variants (the basis of most mattresses) the pocketed spring is unique in that it does not have any mechanical connection from one spring to another. The result is a cosseting body moulding feel with absolutely no transmission of movement from one part of the bed to another. Complimenting the mattress is the base, featuring the Sigma grid torsion bar spring system which gives firm support and stability.

The Sigma system ensures no jellying or sagging thus taking good care of your back. The Royal Encore is a bed of superb design and is remarkably comfortable to sleep on, often a surprise to people who lay on it for the first time. A delight to come home to when weary from a long hard day.









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