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Royal Insignia Queen

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Detailed Description

  • Electronically heat tempered and zoned pocket spring unit.
  • Smooth textured pin core latex deep super soft premium polyurethane foam comfort layers.
  • Superb Aloe Vera treated damask fabric covering with tack and jump stitching to maximize cushioning to underlying components.
  • Base construction utilizes the renowned Sigma double knee action torsion spring system for all over uniform support.

A combination of excellent support features coupled with exceptionally comfortable layers of progressively layered soft fills makes the Royal Insignia a dream to lie on. A thick layer of pure natural latex rubber provides natural support helping to alleviate pressure points on hips and shoulders for more comfort the damask fabric is Aloe Vera treated giving it a more supple feel and additionally is finished with a tack jump type stitch rather than conventional quilting in order to reduce compression in the foam comfort layers.

The Sigma base system ensures superior uniform back support and minimizes ''Roll Together'' ''Hammocking'' and the ''Jelly Effect''. The mattresses are a flip free design so does not require turning over. Try this luxurious bed and see if it does not compare with any premium bed on the market.









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